hahaha. shoot me. but i’m moving back to

see ya there~


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the gods heard your prayers!

it worked!

school was cancelled on monday. hehehe. that was Highlight of the Week. 2 days of schoooooool is like…. fantabulous!

i’m feeling really sorry for myself right now. so many pictures, so lazy. lets seee… there’s the everyday food pics, yeliu pics, danshui pics, jiufen pics…. the smuts have been moving out and about! we have also been practicing shooting hoops at those basketball machines. as of this week, some of us (actually only 1 or 2) managed to get pass 300. lets fight for 500 by the end of the exchange! oh oh oh! we have also been ktv-ing!!!! 11 storeys PartyWorld at Ximending. Yes, the rumours are true. Ktv here are indeed cheaper and better. We were greeted by shimmering gold, marble and chandelier at the “lobby”. Waiters greeted us at each level and showed us to our ktv suite with an attached bathroom. 3-4 hours of singing during peak hours + lotsa food set us back about $20. =)

alright. courage! i’ll post up the danshui and yeliu pics since i was the assigned photographer. we’ll wait for the other’s facebook upload on the rest.

淡水 is a little seaside town at the end of one of the metro lines. It’s a really pretty place for viewing the sunset and also to fill your tummy with little goodies from 老街. We got fish crackers, fish balls, “iron eggs”…… From there, we took a little ferry to 漁人碼頭 (Fisherman’s Wharf) which is The Spot to view sunset from. Really romantic since that’s where the lover’s bridge is. but who said its only for lovers… here’s to just-friends.

don’t you wish you were there? 😉

野柳 is a place on the coast with interesting and funky rock formations. rocks can be fun and oh so pweety!

rounding it up with great eats from keelung night market. =)

that’s all.


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she’s alive!!!!

yep yep. i am.

haven’t been too busy eating, shopping or doing school work (haha!) or swept away by typhoon just the usual suspects: lazy, procrastination….. and also because of the world’s favourite networking platform: facebook. since the smuts (smuggers in taipei) usually upload everything on facebook, i find myself distancing from my camera. so for smuts pics please view facebook profiles of benedict low, justin yeo and valerie feng. =)

apart from that, i’m really happy to announce that i have confirmed all my classes with ntu and smu. PHEW~! and i’m really happy with all of them! happy doesn’t equals to A+, just mean that i won’t think about skipping class 65% of the time. no promises on the 35%. (btw, the 65% decreases as the weeks fly by) lets take a look at Brenda’s Year 4 Sem 1 Timetable – NTU:

Monday 9.10am – 12.10pm: Exploring Taiwan (GE Science) 
Tuesday 9.10am – 12.10pm: Services Marketing (Marketing Elective)
Tuesday 2.20pm – 5.20pm: Freshwater Ecology (GE Science)
Tuesday 6.30pm – 9.15pm: International Marketing Management (GRS)
Wednesday 10.20am – 1.10pm: Gender and Communication (Corp Comm Elective)

Yes….. 3 classes on Tuesday from 9am – 9pm. That’s the best timetable I can come up with. I really enjoy all the classes though. Seriously. From the bottom of my heart. Probably the most interesting one (so far) in all the semesters in smu. It’s either interesting topics, good prof or both. And if not, its a slack course.  Left with 1 BO, IE and Corp Comm Elective next sem…. So, I’m happy.

Ok, this is supposed to be short post to shout out to the world that i’m alive (and also coz my cup noodles are ready to be eaten). i’ll gather all the pics and post them tomorrow. since there’s gonna be a typhoon (not another one!) and i’m gonna be stuck at home. pray for the safety of those in the badly affected areas and also pray that school will be cancelled on monday. got an assignment yet to be completed. heez.


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because we’re bored….

i forgot to mention that apart from valerie and i, justin and aloy also live in the same hostel… val & 1 at room 531, justin at the male dorm right opposite at 522 and aloy at 526. we meet all the time for food…….


@ midnight on msn…. trapped indoors because of the typhoon.


justbrat says:

roar! like super bored trapped in here


brendapanda ♥ says:



justbrat says:

lets take the cab to some club now


brendapanda ♥ says:



brendapanda ♥ says:

u super funny


brendapanda ♥ says:

club 531 la


justbrat says:

anything la.. or we just blast music at the carpark and have a party there


brendapanda ♥ says:

idea leh


brendapanda ♥ says:

i can tell you the address of club 531


brendapanda ♥ says:

damn haps


justbrat says:

are we going to go now?


brendapanda ♥ says:

i’m already there leh


justbrat says:



justbrat says:



justbrat says:

u’r SO lame


brendapanda ♥ says:



brendapanda ♥ says:

entertain you what


if for some reason you din get it…. club 531 = my room.



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brendapanda in a typhoon..

and she feels like she’ll never be dry again.

i’m part of the welcome party receiving typhoon sinlaku here in taipei. since we’re been getting sporadic rain spells the past couple of days, i feel that i’m constantly in the showers. except for the fact that i’m fully clothed. imagine bathing in your clothes for 4 days. not a good feeling. not to mention that i’ve thrown away my favourite zebra striped flats. sad.

so, i experienced my first typhoon. since i’ve been hiding in my hostel, i would have to say that the experience has been pretty anti climatic. which is a very good thing of course but it would have been interesting to see a few flying bicycles. (think: the flying cows in twister the movie) although we did brave the wind and rain twice during lunch and dinner – running to the hostel opposite to get lunchbox (便當) the 5 mins short walk got me 1. food 2. wet 3. a broken umbrella. there goes my pretty black and white polka dot umbrella ella ella eh eh eh.

so i think we’ve accomplished quite a bit in this short one week. a lot of walking. a lot of food. a alot of bubble tea. i’ll let the pictures do the talking…

as usual, my favourite-est travel companion: paddy boo. yes, i did carry her onboard in my arms and no i did not feel ashamed. nor were there weird stares. =) what can i say. she’s adorable. me love.

street scenes. lots of bicycles and bikes…. i can safely say that i have never seen so many bikes at a traffic light in my little life. its quite a new experience crossing a street and having so many eyes staring at you. yes there are also people in cars but its really different when your “audience” are on bikes.

台大新鮮人. i din realize that freshmen are really literally 新鮮人 in chinese. the school is really old. some parts are not really well kept but the others are really pretty. i think the driveway lined with palm trees on meteor garden (where shan cai is forever cycling down) is actually shot in ntu. u can sorta see it in the last pic of the collage.

other parts of the school. it was really a pretty day (despite the bursts of rain) all green, blue and white. was really nice holding a bubble tea and just sit under the tree to appreciate it all.

night falls = start of the food tour. we began at shi da night market near where we live. deep fried mushrooms (AMAZING!), chicken chop, smelly toufu, bubble tea… anything and everything. haven’t tried the oyster stuff but no worries. i have time. =)

sitting down with our hostel shopping and bubble tea. because the school is so big and we have so much admin stuff to do, we often walk from one end to another and back again. so tiring. oh! and the white bunny is my new pet – benny buttons (10bucks). adorable huh? my room mate (valerie is the girl in red with the ponytail) got one too. since you’ll be seeing these guys on my blog pretty often, lets have a basic intro. first guy with the blur face and holding my laundry basket is Aloy. 2nd bubbly girl is xinyi/cindy who has been here since april so shes the tour guide. justin the blondie is the one holding my bunny. the last pic shows benedict the ktv king. and i’ve told you who valerie is. fellow bunny owner and room mate =)

and since we were talking about food. here’s a little glimpse of what we ate for the past couple of days. good stuff.

first trip on the taipei choochoo (捷運) they’re so neat and organized. everyone really really step to the right on the escalator. in singapore we sorta do when its crowded. but over here, they queue up to get to the right of the escalator. left is purely for people who are walking. and they also queue up to get onto the train. we sorta of scatter around until the train arrives but they stand in line and wait. cool.

destination: xi men ding (西門町) the hangout place for teenyboppers. we just explored the place a little. and it’s far east, bugis, heeren and cine all in one. and when you’re in taiwan… you do what they do….

大頭貼! i haven’t taken these in forever. there were so many shops just doing this. each shop is like 3 storeys and are filled with neoprint machines of all shapes and sizes. amazing. fun too!!! thats us taking pictures of us taking neoprint. hahaha. cheapo.

mister donut! soooo cute la… =)

tadah~ the must-see in taipei. you can see this building from almost everywhere in taipei because there aren’t many high rise buildings here due to the frequets bouts of earthquakes so this one sticks out like a very big thumb. we din go up though because well…. you been up one tall building, you basically been up all. 20bucks to go up…. nah.

woot. its like paragon, taka and dfs all put in one place but make it 20 times more grand and flashy. i expected a gold toilet seat or at least a gold faucet. sadly…. i was disappointed.

and now… for the big concluding pic… the big finish……… !!!!!

I present to you…………..

MY ROOM! home sweet home for the next couple of months. valerie and i really made it homely. from the rugs to the table lamps to the nemo shower curtain….. its a really comfy place now. =)

oh i lied. i have 2 more pics. something valerie and i spotted on our walk back home across the school…

rainbow!!!! the first full and clear rainbow. i’ve never seen one like tat. it was a full semicircle except i can’t take the entire thing on my camera. so pretty. you can really seee the colours. Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet. So pretty.

i won’t be surprise to see carebears bouncing on the clouds.


next post: ktv + wu fen pu wholesale market.

p/s: after a week in taipei and bouncing through the streets, night market, taipei 101 and xi men ding, i have not seen any gorgeous drop-dead people. not saying that they’re not attrative. i just haven’t see the POW WOW kind. maybe when school opens……… there is still hope my friends.

edited to add:

just made a booboo. valerie and i went to do our first laundry. after reading the chinese instructions on the washing machine painstakingly, we dropped in a coin and the water started flowing. when we opened the machine lid to put in our clothes, we found that the previous user’s clothes were still in it. oopsie. some girl just got her laundry washed twice. i just hope she din have any delicates or stuff that will shrink. at least she can be sure that her clothes are pretty clean now.

maybe the first instruction should be: open machine lid to check that machine is empty.

for some people who read my post, see the food pics and want to kindly remind me not to eat so much good food or drink too much bubble tea. please save it. thanks for those kind and considerate warnings and comments on “wait you get fat” “wah so fattening sia” “eat so much wait fat” “i see you eat a lot ah” “so fattening you also dare to eat ah” “better don’t eat” please take those helpful comments and irritate someone else. =) i’m happy the tubby flabby way i am and i know myself and my ways better than you. afterall i fought anorexia. did you?


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the panda connects

i’m connected! internet in my room!

still very lazy to do a proper update because i don’t have many exciting pics. what i’ve been doing so far:

– took a super duper expensive cab from airport to hostel
– checked into the hostel
– mop around feeling super duper lost because i can’t find my friends
– bought mattress for bed
– found my friends!
– walk around looking for dinner (wanton mee)
– bubble tea #1
– bought stuff for the room (table lamp, rug, pillow, hangers…….)
– unpack my stuff
– clean up the room
– shower with cold water (can’t find heater switch)
– read a bit with my new table lamp
– lights out

this morning woke up early for breakfast (amazing ham & egg toast + bubble tea #2), walked around the huge sch. went for a super boring orientation talk. ran out halfway through the talk. set up internet in the room. now blogging. debating whether to go for the exchange students party…. aahhhh.

so far haven’t gotten the taipei vibe.

Summary of day 2: no gorgeous people spotted yet (are gorgeous taipei people a myth?)


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the panda has landed

Location: National Taiwan University, Taipei – 3rd Floor computer lab (a computer lab leh!)
Time: 11.42am
Current thought: afraid that the computer beside me is going to explode. its making funky noises. sounds that a computer should not be making.
No. of gorgeous people spotted: 0 (i’m feeling hopeful)
No. of bubble tea drank: 2

i am here. taipei. me.

it was an uneventful flight. i’m here safe and sound. felt a bit lost when i arrived because i couldn’t contact anyone. =( haven’t gotten my taiwan number but i will soon.

my room is now nicely furnished after spending 1400NT buying mattress (the bed came without one), pillow, toilet roll, table lamp……… will tk a pic of it soon.

the school is humongous. i think i’ll get lost in here. but i’ll figure a way out.

i’m not yet connected in my hostel room so gimme some time….

basically, so far so good!

missing everyone. wish you were here.


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